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Enchanted Mountain Top Engagement Session with Sanjana & Pious

Sanjana: "I would love to do an over the top ball gown on a mountain shoot" Radhika: "Omg I know the perfect mountain"

I will remember this drop dead gorgeous, bold, dramatic, enchanting shoot for the rest of my life. Sanjana and Pious, my dear friends (now MARRIED MARRIED), were looking for an engagement photo session. She texted me a few days before asking if I had any locations in mind given her vision: an over the top ball gown on a mountain shoot. I could not be MORE excited - it's not every day a couple is willing to venture up a cliff in make up and a ball gown for the most epic photos. I knew the perfect cliff (thanks to @custombynicole whose photos I am obsessed with). After some back and forth, figuring out COVID logistics and restrictions, working around the sunset times and the trail times, and making sure we got nearby parking to minimize the hike up, we were all set!

Digital Art creation of Sanjana and Pious Proposal from a few months before!
Sanjana and Pious' Proposal from a few months before! I created this digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator!

The Journey to the Top

Sanjana and Pious graciously scooped me up and we road tripped two hours to Minnewaska State Park to Sam's Point Preserve. I love getting time in with the couple before the shoot to make sure they feel comfortable being their true selves around me. It definitely shows on camera when they're in their element and have their natural dynamic. We got to the park by 4:30 and luckily had no issues with parking, and started the trek up to the peak! YES, Sanjana and Pious were both decked out in their dress/suit during this...wait for it...20 minute hike up to the top! That's one of the best parts about this location: it's such a gem for photographers and subjects to not be worn our/sweaty at the top and a huge time saver!

The Cliffs

We might have had to do some trespassing through some thorny brambles and bushes (thank god the dress is rented from RentTheRunway!) to get the perfect cliff but look how worth it was!

But It Wasn't Over Yet

On our way down, we hit the prettiest golden hour lighting on the trail's descent.

This whole shoot was just...magical. Congrats to this stunning, badass, future neurosurgeon, power couple! I'll see you on your wedding day :')


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